“There is a magic shot in every environment, and I try to find it.”

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Stephen Karlisch
Capturing the energy, emotion and elegance of some of the countries greatest events, Stephen Karlisch has seen it all from behind the lens. Savoring the moments as they come, and documenting them for future generations to enjoy, he has become part historian and part family member to clients who trust his vision, patience, and thoughtfulness with any situation. With over 17 years experience as a wedding photographer, and many more as a commercial and editorial photographer, Stephen has been widely recognized across the Country as one of the best choices for crafting a volume of honest imagery from any event.

The son of a career Navy officer, Stephen traveled the world as a child. Born in Monterey, California, and quickly moving through Asia, Hawaii, then to Europe, his vision of the world was shaped by engaging with and observing different cultures constantly. Observing people with curiosity in each city he passed is a skill that transferred seamlessly to documentary wedding photography. Creating a sense of place with photography is his passion, which allows others the opportunity to share in the moment as if they were a part of that celebration.

Stephen's first career path was architecture, but he soon learned that photography was the best way to express that interest. As one of the top interior photographers in the country, shooting for numerous leading interior designers and featured in magazines such as Veranda, House Beautiful, Elle Décor, Architecture Digest, and Dhome, he brings the ability to capture the essence of a space to every image. The balance between being a commercial photographer and a wedding photographer is a challenge that he takes head-on. Juggling a calm serene interior shoot one day followed by a 4 day destination wedding is par for the course. Stephen wouldn't have it any other way.

Since branching out in 1998 with his wife Kristen to start Karlisch Photography, Stephen has traveled the world photographing hundreds of weddings and events. His work is often published, and he has been featured in Town & Country, Martha Stewart, D Weddings, and Modern Luxury, along with many more blog features and local publications.
Karlisch Studio Team:
· How long have you been a photographer?

Stephen started studying photography in college in 1991. After graduating from college, Stephen assisted several advertising and portrait photographers before branching out on his own to form Karlisch Photography in 1998 with his wife, Kristen.

· What is your photography style?

With a background in photojournalism and fashion photography, Stephen seeks the truth in his imagery. Utilizing an experienced eye for finding (or creating) the best light, he documents all his subjects in the most honest and sincere way possible at that moment.

· How many weddings do you shoot a year?

Stephen accepts a limited amount of wedding commissions a year(20-25) so we can maintain the high quality of service that we like to provide to all of our clients. As a professional photographer, Stephen enjoys his commercial work as well. He spends the other available time working with agencies, designers, architects, editorial and carving out time to create personal work.

· How can we meet you if we don't live in the same city?

Many of our clients live in other cities or states and hire us without an in person meeting. Stephen loves to at least have a phone or video conference to get to know you and about your unique day.  He will be able to answer your questions and make you feel at ease about him as your photographer.

· Do you have a studio?

Since most of our work is location based, we moved out of our large studio a couple of years ago and work from a small office space. We rent studio space as needed.

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