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Frequently asked questions
· How long have you been a photographer?

Stephen started studying photography in college in 1991. After graduating from college, Stephen assisted several advertising and portrait photographers before branching out on his own to form Karlisch Photography in 1998 with his wife, Kristen.

· What is your photography style?

With a background in photojournalism and fashion photography, Stephen seeks the truth in his imagery. Utilizing an experienced eye for finding (or creating) the best light, he documents all his subjects in the most honest and sincere way possible at that moment.

· How many weddings do you shoot a year?

Stephen accepts a limited amount of wedding commissions a year(20-25) so we can maintain the high quality of service that we like to provide to all of our clients. As a professional photographer, Stephen enjoys his commercial work as well. He spends the other available time working with agencies, designers, architects, editorial and carving out time to create personal work.

· How can we meet you if we don’t live in the same city?

Many of our clients live in other cities or states and hire us without an in person meeting. Stephen loves to at least have a phone or video conference to get to know you and about your unique day.  He will be able to answer your questions and make you feel at ease about him as your photographer.

· Do you have a studio?

Since most of our work is location based, we moved out of our large studio a couple of years ago and work from a small office space. We rent studio space as needed.

· Where do you have meetings?

Stephen likes to come to you. Most meetings are in a mutually agreed location such as your home, office or public place.

· How much coverage do I need?

We recommend a minimum of 8 hours for local weddings. Destination weddings tend to need several additional hours on the wedding day, and multi-day coverage.

· Should I book another Lead photographer?

If you have over 350 people at your wedding then we do recommend an additional lead photographer to give you complete full coverage. The other option is to discuss hiring an additional assistant for the main parts the ensure better coverage.

· How do we book you?

Once we have your signed contract and retainer you have officially booked us!

· How should we handle your travel for destination/out of town weddings?

Stephen and his assistants rooms are usually booked at the host hotel by the client. Airfare & car rentals will be booked by us 95% of the time. We will bill you for any additional expenses.

· Should we have a coordinator?

Yes. We cannot emphasize this point enough. We work with some of the best in the business, and can furnish you a comprehensive list on request. Do yourself a favor, hire a coordinator!

· What will the assistant photographer be shooting?

Stephen’s assistants are there to cover angles and events that he cannot physically shoot during the day. Sometimes they are with the groomsmen pre ceremony, and shooting from a second angle at the ceremony or covering some guest shots at the reception, freeing Stephen to focus on the bride and groom and key family members throughout the day.

· Do you recommend a shot list?

The only list we would like is your list of family group shots. Leave the rest to us to capture the flow as it naturally happens.

· What is the difference between an assistant photographer and Lead photographer?

An assistant is there to accompany my lead, and get additional coverage as needed during certain moments when two cameras work best. A Lead photographer is an accomplished wedding photographer, used to being the main photographer at his or her events. Having a Lead second shooter gives you double coverage all day, enhancing Stephen’s coverage tremendously.

· Do you do first looks?

All the time. This really is the best chance you will get to have a private moment before the ceremony, and the photos created during this bonus time usually become the favorites from the day.

· Are you available to photograph our rehearsal dinner?

Yes, rehearsal dinner coverage is available and booked at a two hour minimum.  Please email us if you would like to book a photographer.

· Will you travel for fine art portrait sessions?

Stephen loves to shoot in locations outside of Dallas. In addition to the session fee you will be charged either a half day or full day travel fee plus reimbursement for mileage or airfare and hotel.

· What things should I take into consideration for my portrait session?

For bridal this is your chance to see how your hair and makeup will look on camera. We have a recommended list of hair & makeup artists. Contact your florist to arrange for a portrait bouquet. Locations for portraits vary from season to season, and sometimes require a seperate location fee. We can discuss the options for the look you want, and find the perfect location for the shoot.

· How long does it take to see our photographs?

Portrait shoots typically are up within one week, and for weddings it can take 4-8 weeks to receive your images live on your personal website.  Your personal flashdrive will take up to 2 weeks to arrive in the mail.

· Can I have more than one location for my portrait?

Yes, but we charge an additional fee for multiple locations around town.

· How many pictures will we receive?

Obviously each event is unique in size, location and days booked.  An average 
wedding day can expect to see a minimum of 900 images, but the number varies depending on the event.

· We received our high-res images on our personal flash drive.  How should we back them up?

We recommend that you back up your high res files to an external hard drive and/or a service that can archive your images should anything happen to your flash drive, computer or flash drive.  

· My vendors would like to use one of my images for their advertising.  Can I send them the images for their marketing?

We retain the copyright to the images.  You may use the images for personal use only.  If any of your vendors would like to use the images please have them contact us directly.

· Do we receive the raw and unedited files?


· My website expired but I need more time to view them on-line.

Please contact us immediately and we will provide you with the pricing to extend your site.  If you are actively working on your
album with us then there is no extension fee.

· Now that the wedding is over how do I get my album started?

Congratulations and way to get going on your album. We recommend you begin choosing your favorites from the wedding right away. You can use the favorites feature on your website to begin selecting your favorite images. Then you can edit down the images in your favorites folder to under 200. We recommend no more than 175 for a full 60 page book. Be sure to email us for the Album Guide that has the details for the amount of images recommended for book sizes. Once you have your favorites chosen please contact Kristen so she can go over the details needed for the construction of the book and deposit required to get the design process going.